Wild Rich Kids are brave, extraordinary, creative, playful, outgoing, kind, colorful, inspiring, exquisite, fearless, charming, brilliant, admirable, and overall just totally wild. Wild Rich Kids embrace one another and spread positivity. We believe in our clothing as much as we believe in creating childhood magic.

Been buying WRK for almost 2 years and we love it !! We love disney so these outfits are our favorite  such adorable cute outfits amazing quality 

Guadalupe R

WRK is our favorite clothing for everyday or getting fancy. Comfortable, breathable, and adorably cute! Handmade, family owned shop that gives back. What more can you ask for?? WRK is Perfection!

Jennifer A

I’ve had dads stop us at gymnastics saying “where did you get that?! My wife would love it! Let me write that down. Wild....rich....kids...got it. Thanks!” 

Jai O
Customer since 2017

You've mixed my desire for unique, on-trend, girly pieces with my die hard love of Disney...it's a dream come true! Completely obsessed and devoted to the WRK brand.

Caycee G

If these aren’t the cutest ever, I don’t know what is! The overall quality and style is top and your little one will be begging to wear everyday!

Dana B

If you don’t want to enjoy privacy at the parks because you’re being stopped every 5 seconds by people asking where your outfits are from , this is the shop for u!

Bridget H
Customer of 5 years

As a single mom of a daughter, I’m always looking for comfortable, unique clothing for her. If you looking for comfortable, affordable, one of a kind print outfits.. you found the right place. Also, it’s always amazing to support a small black owned business 

Fiya A
Customer of 3 years

Wild Rich Kids is made with love and you can tell with every stitch. The quality is amazing. The community behind it is even better!

Koda I